The Feather

By now, some of you have noticed that I include a turkey feather with every order. This has always been significant to me, but I’ve never slowed down and tried to put into words the reason behind it.
Turkey hunting is my #1 passion in life, for many reasons. Out of all the many feathers that make up these beautiful birds, the back feather on a wild turkey is my favorite. As you can tell, it is the feather I’ve chosen for the brand logo. This feather carries the iridescent color which is one of the hallmarks of a spring gobbler. When these birds are seen in sunlight from afar, they have a shine that can’t be matched by any other creature. Upon closer inspection, that shine is made up of hundreds of these feathers. When you hold this feather in your hand, you can twist it from side to side and watch as the colors change in the top band of the feather. This can be used as a metaphor for life- when you are struggling to find the beauty in a given situation, maybe you just need to look at it from a different angle.
Something else to consider about these feathers- Each one has come off the body of a turkey I’ve killed. You might get a feather off a hot-headed, lovestruck 2 year old gobbler that put on an absolute show in the hardwoods, or you may get a feather from a keen old swamp gobbler that messed up one time in his life after besting countless hunters over the course of many springs. While you may never know the story behind that turkey or that hunt, rest assured, each one was killed with respect and admiration.
These feathers are also a conversation piece or an educational moment for someone who has never seen or held a turkey feather. My hope is that a non-hunter holds this feather and sees the true beauty of it and grasps a better understanding of why we turkey hunters are so obsessed with these animals.  My hope is that a child becomes fascinated with a feather like this and begins a lifelong love of chasing wild turkeys.
Whatever the reason is that led someone to make a purchase in the Panola Brand store, I want each one of you to know that you will never be taken for granted and I appreciate the support more than you will ever know. God bless you all!